Traditional IP Services

Eugene M. Cummings, P.C. offers professional legal expertise to clients, on either a traditional fee-for-service arrangement or on an alternative fee arrangement.  Our firm provides legal services relating to all intellectual property related matters, including:

Patent Law
Patent Litigation
Patent Licensing
Patent Application Preparation
Patent Application Prosecution

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
IP Portfolio Assessment
IP Portfolio Licensing
IP Related Contract Preparation

Trademark Law
Trademark Litigation
Trademark Licensing

Patent Reexamination Proceedings
Patent Interference Proceedings
Patent Validity Assessment
Patent Infringement Assessment

IP Related Contract Review
IP Related Seminars
Product Development Review

Trademark Application Preparation
Trademark Application Prosecution

Copyright Law
Copyright Litigation
Copyright Licensing
Copyright Application Preparation
Copyright Application Prosecution

Trade Secret Law
General Trade Secret Law Counseling

IP Insurance Coverage Assessment